Smart FTTH Software

Real (turn-key) project experience, real FTTH engineering & planning advantages.

Our FTTH software network design & planning tools are the products of 30 years of experience in designing, engineering, planning, installing, commissioning and maintaining communication networks by: NKF (Nokia / Philips) / Draka (Prysmian Group) and their project offices with local staff. We created easy to use fibre network design & planning software tools featuring complex optimization algorithms.

FTTH design & engineering software.

Our advanced network design, engineering & planning software can assist you to get automatically the highest quality FTTH / FTTX solutions and cost optimized network designs. Reduce your network materials & installation costs and increase your engineering output drastically by optimizing your engineering with our smart planning tools. Produce detailed and installer-ready network designs for P2P /  GPON network architectures in Autocad. We support the design & planning of complex FTTH network solutions with our simple to use software tools.

FTTH / FTTX Project process control SOFTWARE:
  • Best network designs by complex algorithms
  • Reduce your engineering time drastically
  • Reduce costs up to 20%, cable & civil works
  • Flexible, great for all FTTH / FTTX solutions
  • Get our project know-how of 30 years
  • Building blocks simplify the project planning
  • BOQ, BOM & 80+ standard reports
  • Advanced planning tools for P2P & GPON

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Automatic trench & installation & material cost optimization FTTH / FTTX network design & engineering software.

This simple to operate mathematical software solution offers substantial benefits in terms of reducing the engineering time & building costs for P2P & GPON optical fibre networks.


Proven & very flexible Software FTTH Solutions to: Design, Build & Maintain FTTH networks. Lego-like building blocks are used to control & steer all FTTH & FTTX projects.

Clear views & smart detailed reports.

Detailed and installer ready network designs in Autocad.


FTTH design & engineering services.

With our partners we provide FTTH design & engineering services for projects all over the World. We offer high quality design services for very attractive prices. We do engineering for FTTH, business parks, industrial complexes etc. We create all designs, plans & documents in Dutch, German and English. This way we design & engineer large amounts of homes each year for FTTH & FTTX projects all over the World. We have survey checklists & design examples available.

For the best results, network design should be approached from the top down and built from the bottom up. ITSimplicity Solutions BV helps select the most appropriate technology and create a solid business case, and provides tools to design, engineer, build, test and maintain the network, right down to creating an accurate Bill of Materials (BoM). Years of practical experience in turn-key projects of all sizes, our knowhow of best-in-class materials and installation techniques allow us to get future-proof networks up and running in no time, even when there are sudden changes in plan or customer requirements.

Creating high level and detailed network designs: By automating, sequencing and simplifying components and processes, our design and planning software helps analyse and visualise scenarios easily and quickly, information needed to support financial business case scenario planning. Using site survey findings, initial estimations of BoQ, BoL and BoM can be enhanced as part of a highly detailed design (issues such as the accessibility of existing ducts and poles will then be taken into account).

Build a winning business case. Relying on our design & engineering solutions is the quick and easy way to build a solid business case for the topology and deployment options for your network and to be certain of investing in a robust, future-proof, cost efficient, high performance network.

For FTTH & FTTX networks, we provide:

  • business case support, network calculations & network concepts
  • survey drawing examples, survey checklists and software tools
  • high-level network design with optimized network concept
  • installer ready, detailed network designs (duct-plans & drawings, cable-drawings)
  • fibre schematics
  • BoQ, BoL & BoM quantities reporting, detailed per: area, activity, network level
  • turn-key software solutions to: design, engineer, plan, build and document.


   PDF documents regarding our software FTTH network solutions, Autocad design details and cost savings:


Real FTTH-FTTX network design software for Autocad

Real FTTH-FTTX network design software for Autocad

Real engineering advantages with Autocad: the FTTH / FTTX OSP network design process flow 

 FTTH / FTTX network solutions, automatic cost optimized network design

Automatic network design, Fast algorithms! OK..... But how does it work?

Introduction ITSimplicity & Software. Automatic network design examples for radio telescopes

FTTH / FTTH planning software for turn-key FTTH / FTTX projects


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